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we have some breaking news in dal city. a car with two people inside goes over a cliff and falls several hundred feet and we're learning that one person now has some serious injuries. >> cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is on the scene right now at highway 35 and olympic way where there are multiple road closures and we can see crews behind you. >> reporter: one person was taken know a local hospital. chp says they could be suffering moderate to major injuries. the other person suffered some minor injuries and refused treatment and actually i believe is still here on scene. but as for those road closures, we're told that one lane on southbound john daly is completely shut down. chp says it's expected to be closed for the next couple of hours. as you can see, there's video from earlier. fire trucks and chp on scene trying to look at the car that went over the cliff. we heard reports that around 4:30, the car drove over here in this area. now they have called in a tow truck and about 350 feet of
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cable to try to get that car out. two people were involved in the collision. one person again taken to a local hospital. to be treated for moderate to major injuries, the other with minor injuries who refused treatment. chp got a call from a concerned friend saying a person was missing possibly over a cliff. that's what they found on scene. back out live i'm told an investigation will be ongoing. they don't know exactly when they are going to pull out this car. they say that they are going to have to figure out if they are going to wait for daylight, and basically figure out a strategy and how they can pull it out but those two people in the car have been taken out and one is in the hospital with major injuries. the other here still on scene being interviewed by chp right now. reporting live in dal city, cate caugiran, cbs 5. and some developing news in the east bay where arson investigators are hard at work
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now. >> had cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in hayward where the fire hit an apartment building a couple of hours ago. elissa. >> reporter: good morning. neighbors described hearing broken glass and a loud boom before a fire tore through this hayward apartment. if you look inside you can see the place was left completely gutted. you can see what's left of a desk, a kitchen table and sofa and we have now learned that the woman who lived here is the apartment's manager. we are at dixon lane apartments on dixon street by the bart station. she and her young son escaped and were not hurt. firefighters were called just before 4 a.m. to find the apartment engulfed in flames. a family of four next door was evacuated. the fire was contained to one unit and neighbors believe it was set. >> it's worth it. had hurry up home. i said what's wrong? he said a whole house is on fire. my husband called me and told
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me that everybody was out the house. >> reporter: firefighters will not confirm that information although they have arson investigators on scene. right now they are mopping up and as you can see, the fire did a lot of damage to the apartment so these people will not be able to return to this unit. i tried speaking with a manager, who told me she didn't want to go on camera. back live you can see investigators have been taking pictures of the unit trying to figure out the cause. live in hayward, elissa harrington, cbs 5. flames tore through an east oakland building overnight. now police say squatters may be to blame. crews battled the one-alarm fire around 1:30 at 64th and international boulevard. flames sparked back up around 4 a.m. and they were put out. the building may have housed several homeless. no injuries were reported. the same building caught fire back in august. it took firefighters about half hour to put out those flames. at the time it was an appliance store called budget appliances.
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investigators in the east bay want to know if several pipe bombs are related. there have been four found in the last few days. the latest was found outside pleasant hill elementary school. the latest bomb was found outside the school while classes were in session yesterday. had pleasant hill police got the walnut creek bomb squad there to deal with that device. >> we hope there aren't more. we hope it won't be a rash of them. >> over the weekend, five teenagers were arrested in pleasant hill for a mailbox bombing on friday. they are accused of planting a bomb at a pleasant hill high school and another bomb was found inside a car. later this morning search crews in vallejo will use special sonar equipment to try and find a missing man. police believe 77-year-old phillip mattingly of fair oaks fell into the mare island strait. he was last seen on saturday afternoon working on a tugboat
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on the eastshore of mare island. and since then divers and coast guard boats have searched the waters but found nothing. a mysterious invasion along 12 miles of northern california beaches. thousands of squid washed up on the monterey shore stranded from aptos to watsonville. some of people tried to put them back in the water but the deep water creatures swam back to shore. a graduate student observing the bizarre phenomenon says the squid probably don't know where they are. >> they don't see the shore very often. so it might just be they don't understand what's going on around them and they are just trying to get away and don't realize that if they swim towards the shore, they're going to run out of water eventually. >> researchers think the juvenile squid may have eaten toxic algae causing them to be disoriented and swim on the beach. also, el nino weather patterns may have drawn them to cooler waters of northern california.
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>> 6:06. hope you enjoyed the last couple of days because the weather is achangin'. >> that's what lawrence says. chance of rainfall returning even snow on our local mountains tomorrow. mostly clear skies right now and chilly temperatures although we are seeing some fog in some of the north bay valleys. the numbers though dropping off into the 30s and 40s clearer out over the bay right now. 39 degrees in concord, 47 in san francisco. 45 in san jose. some fog and 38 chilly degrees in santa rosa. this afternoon increasing clouds temperatures in the 50s and 60s. rain in the north bay and everybody could see rain overnight tonight. had. >> thank you, lawrence. we continue to follow our breaking traffic news out of daly city. live look overhead from chopper 5. earlier they were zooming in on the car that ran off the road. it is dark but a stretch of
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highway 35 right there by john daly boulevard where one lane of southbound 35 is closed. northbound traffic is open. i just saw a car zoom by but again this is a nasty accident. a lot of police on scene crews are working hard and a cable to get car out of the ditch. one person is in the hospital with serious injuries. let's go to our maps. we have been watching a couple of different accidents this morning. that's just one. this accident was cleared to the right shoulder. it is pretty busy in that spot but otherwise once you get past 580 at grant line, speeds improve in livermore and dublin interchange. southbound and northbound 101 past candlestick moves well toward sfo.
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eastbound 80 the nimitz no delay between the oakland coliseum and downtown. coming through marin county a live look a few slow sensors on southbound 101 but toward san francisco across the golden gate bridge, so far traffic is moving at the limit. coming up, we will check the bay bridge. back to you guys. >> thank you. there is an update today on the status of former south african president nelson mandela. the 94-year-old is experiencing a recurrence of a lung infection and is getting treatment. the country leaders say mandela is responding well to the treatments. >> new york police are trying to figure out the motive behind an execution-style murder in the middle of a busy street. it happened in broad daylight yesterday. 31-year-old brandon woodward is from l.a. was shot in the back of the head near central park. the gunman then jumped into a waiting car and took off. >> the australian radio station that aired a royal prank being
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blamed for a nurse's suicide set up a fund for the victim. a donation of at least half a million dollars will be given to the family of nurse jacintha saldanha who answered the call from the station's deejays pretending to be queen elizabeth and prince charles. three days later, she was found dead in an apparent suicide. thousands of protestors expected at michigan state capital today as lawmakers vote on a controversial right to work bill. we have live pictures. you can see crowds have gathered already. the bill would allow workers at the union represented employees to opt out of paying dues even though the union would still bargain on their behalf. critics say it's a way to break the unions. >> if i'm being provided by a service by a particular organization i don't care if it's a club due or something, i should be paying for a service provided to me. >> supporters of the bill say it will attract businesses and bring more jobs to michigan. the republican governor plans
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to sign it. if it passes as expected, michigan currently has the highest percentage of union workers in the country. time now 6:10. he is the object of a lot of envy right now. the second winner of the record powerball jackpot is revealed. >> he is everyone's best friend. and scary moments for passengers. what we're learning about a strange smell that forced an emergency landing right here in northern california. >> and a new but not so improved -- what's happening to the new uc logo after a wave of online backlash. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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gate on a highway in south dakota. this happened yestey on interstate 29 in sioux falls... during the region's a semi truck smashed through a road closure gate on
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a highway in south dakota. this happened yesterday on interstate 29 in sioux falls during the region's first heavy snowfall. season. authorities say the driver was going too fast and the road was just too slippery for him to stop in time. a little dangerous. a las vegas-bound flight from seattle had to make an emergency landing in sacramento because of a smell of smoke. an airport spokesman says the alaska airlines flight landed just before 5:00 last night. once on the ground, firefighters surrounded the plane. >> i watched the crew and they weren't stressed. >> no one was hurt. one flight attendant was treated for burning eyed and coughing. no serious injuries. there is a serious injury
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accident in daly city. we'll get to that in a minute. but it closed the southbound lane. one southbound lane of highway 35. right there approaching john daly. chopper 5 is overhead. you can see the car this ran off the road into a ditch. it looks like like a couple of police cars have left the scene. i realize it's dark in that area. in there are some maybe slight delays. it's just one southbound lane that's blocked now in that area approaching john daly. they may have to close another one in order to retrieve the vehicle. had northbound traffic is getting by. it was a serious injury accident. one person was rushed to the hospital. and again we're told with major injuries. by the way, that stretch is going to be closed for a couple of hours. elsewhere let's go towards the bay bridge and you can see it's really stacking up here now. that's because metering lights were turned on. so we have delays in the cash and fastrak lanes. san mateo bridge is moving fine. the right side of your screen is the commute direction.
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still only about a 14-minute drive time maybe 14 or 15 minutes to take you out of hayward towards foster city and the peninsula and elsewhere a lot of our overnight roadwork has been picked up including up to the nimitz. we have some roadwork blocking lanes to the embarcadero. that's all gone now so now it's free and clear heading up towards oakland coliseum and downtown. heading farther south towards milpitas that westbound 237 ride still is free and clear all the way towards 101. mass transit would be a great option today because it's giving us no problems so far all morning. no delay for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and your ferries. that's a check of your time- saver traffic. lawrence is monitoring a storm heading our way. >> we have a storm coming our way and this one will be cold, maybe snow in the local mountains. right now it is quiet. a little chilly, too. we are seeing some patchy fog in some of the north bay valleys dropping visibilities down to a quarter and a half mile, as well. so watch out for that early on this morning and grab a jacket.
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a cool start to the day. 39 degrees in concord. 38 now in santa rosa with the fog. 45 degrees mostly clear in san jose and 47 degrees and clear in san francisco. high pressure getting out of the way. we have a cold storm dropping in from the gulf of alaska moving in later on this evening and overnight tonight expected to bring some rainfall back to the bay area. traveling around the state the better chance of rain in the latter part of the afternoon toward eureka. about 49 degrees there. 61 degrees sacramento. watch out for the fog especially that tule fog this morning as you as you make your way into the southern half of the san joaquin valley. 40s and 50s into the high country. timing out the storm we are going to see some clouds along the coastline most of that fog early on and then into the evening hours a chance of showers developing into the north bay rain developing overnight and sweeping to the south throughout the night and into tomorrow morning. so it could be a little wet early on tomorrow and then it looks like it will turn more to scattered showers. but dry today, you will see some 60s in the south bay, maybe mid-60s into morgan hill and also into san jose.
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east bay temperatures up in the 50s and 60s. in the central bay 50s and 60s too. so the next few days unsettled. the cold storm moving in tonight and tomorrow. then a brief break, another storm drops in come friday and maybe some more showers as we head in toward next sunday. it looks like the new university of california logo apparently here to stay. that's despite over 42,000 petition signatures that say we don't like it at all. check it out. the new more modern rather plain uc logo came out six months ago and is appearing on more and more of the uc websites and publications but critics say it doesn't match of the prestige and elegance of the old mark and just doesn't make sense why they made the change. the old logo will still be used on diplomas and university letterhead. doesn't take a genius to figure out that san francisco is a great place to live but it was edged out when it comes to being the smartest city.
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boston takes that title. come on! at least according to fast san francisco was number 2 though. we came in 2. seattle 3. vancouver, canada, 4th. rounding out the top 5 new york city. denver was not even on the map. >> you're making that up. >> sorry. san francisco number 2, that's pretty good. >> that's right. second winner of the $587 million powerball jackpot has come forward. matthew good from phoenix had wanted to remain anonymous but arizona requires lottery winners to be listed on public records so everyone knows now. good opted for the one-time payout of $192 million. he cashed the ticket now instead of 2013 to avoid the looming "fiscal cliff." >> smart guy. >> hey. >> we have an audience here with lawrence. >> hi, lawrence. >> hi, lawrence. >> keep going. it is 6:20. coming up, how a tweet got a
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49er player suspend. we'll tell how. >> call them the road warriors. golden state notches another win. >> what are you doing? what's cool about your scho? you can submit your nominatn our webs slash cool schoo what is cool about your school? you can submit your nomination on our website, and we may come out and feature school on the show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a quiet start to the day so far. we have rain, we'll talk about that coming up. >> checking traffic cameras across the bay area, that bay bridge toll plaza camera is looking stacked up, jamming up towards the 880 overcrossing. golden gate bridge and milpitas
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cam, traffic still moving at the limit. much more coming up. here is a surefire way to get kicked out of an nba game. johnson. raptors tried to take the ball away from the refs after a free throw at portland. referee david jones gave him the hook. then johnson gave jones a parting shot throwing his mouthpiece at the ref on the way out. johnson later admitted it was childish. >> you think? >> he is going to get fined, too. and maybe suspended. >> not good behavior. the golden state warriors may want to stay on the road forever. >> you think? ? 4-0 they are playing great. stephen curry playing at home in charlotte. steal and score giving the warriors a double-digit lead earlier. 27 points, 7 assists including a beauty to david lee. the warriors win 104-96. they are 4-0 on the trip but they are going up against miami tomorrow night. that will be a big test. 9ers runningback brandon
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jacobs hasn't gotten the playing time ethyls he deserves. now he won't get any playing time at all. the team suspended jacobs for the last three regular season games. jacobs had posted on twitter an instagram that he wanted to get more playing time saying he was, quote, on the team rotting away. head coach jim harbaugh did not comment mr. jacobs yesterday. now, for today's play of the day involving the 49ers' next opponent sunday night. the new england patriots routed the once 11-1 houston texans. brady 300 yards and 4 touchdowns and they score even on fumbles. this game was a blowout. the patriots might be the best team in football right now. they won 42-14. even better than your broncos. >> yeah, a little bit. but hey, let's hope the patriots don't play that well next week, right? >> that will be a good game. 6:26. coming up a squid invasion on bay area beaches. why experts think the d.c. creatures are washing up in the thousands. >> and a fire destroying an
6:26 am
apartment in hayward. what neighbors say they saw right before the flames. >> and a car goes over a cliff in daly city. now crews are trying to figure out how to recover the wreckage. ,, ,, [train whistle blows] wishing you happy holidays.
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so i get claritin clear... ...for strong, non-drowsy relief of all my allergies... dust... ...mold... ...pets... ...and pollen. looks good. thanks. i live claritin clear. you see them essentially killing themselves and it's just really weird to see. >> a squid invasion. thousands wash up on northern california beaches. >> to be honest, researchers have no idea why this is happening. >> a fourth pipe bomb in four days found near an east bay elementary school. >> something blow up or was it a gunshot? >> we can only hope that there aren't more. >> our family is going through
6:30 am
a very difficult timeful we are strong and we will continue to stay strong. >> contributes around the world and the bay area for mexican- american singer jenni rivera. >> fans are mourning, there's vigils, you know, people are hurt. >> legislators in michigan are set to vote on a right to work bill today. >> need to do what we can to make sure our economy gets rolling full speed again. >> what they're really talking about is giving you the right to work to for less money. >> up there, look at those lights up there. >> a mystery light dancing over san francisco bay. >> i am 100% sure this was a ufo. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news th morning." good morning, it is tuesday, december 11. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:31 now. we begin this hour with some breaking news down in daly city. >> a car goes over at cliff as
6:31 am
skyline boulevard. let's get to elizabeth in the traffic center. >> tow crews, emergency crews, everyone is out there right now working to get this car out of the ditch. this is the area we're talking about in daly city. a stretch of highway 35 remains closed at last check. one southbound lane of highway 35. right there approaching john daly. this is video from the scene taken by one of our news crews. they are working, the whole 100 feet of cable is needed to get that car. one person major injuries. chp rescued two other people after that suv went over the cliff around 4:30 this morning. we talked to an officer on scene about why this is taking a while to clear. >> we're just investigating the collision, taking measurements of the scene. we have one of two lanes of skyline closed for unknown duration until they finish the investigation. and talking to the parties involved in the collision. >> there are some minor delays on scene but both southbound
6:32 am
lanes of highway 35 should be re-opening soon. northbound highway 35 not impacted. that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. we have other developing news from the east bay. let's go to cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington where arson investigators are checking out an apartment fire in hayward. elissa. >> good morning. neighbors describe hearing a loud boom and broken glass before a fire tore through this hayward apartment. two people inside escaped, a mother and her son and we have now learned that that woman was also the manager here at dixon lane apartments. firefighters were first called before 4 a.m. to this apartment on dixon street next to the south hayward bart station. flames were shooting out of the windows of both floors. nobody was hurt. but a family of four next door also had to be evacuated. we spoke with some neighbors who described what they heard and saw. >> someone threw something through the windows, through our front windows. the lady next door, she came out to let everybody know that it was on fire. my husband heard her, he
6:33 am
grabbed the two kids and they all got out the house safe. >> reporter: firefighters don't know the cause, although there are arson investigators on scene. right now they're mopping up. they have been inside taking pictures but look at that. that entire place absolutely gutted so that mother and her son will not be going home. they are staying with friends in the meantime. in hayward, elissa harrington, cbs 5. fire officials believe squatters are to blame for this early-morning building fire in east oakland. crews battled the fire at 64th and international boulevard around 1:30. it may have housed several homeless people. no injuries reported. it is the second fire in the building by the way this year. crews were called out to the same address back in august. back then it housed an appliance store. four pipe bombs in four days in one east bay city. pleasant hill police are trying to figure out if there is a connection now. the latest bomb was found outside pleasant hill
6:34 am
elementary school. somebody noticed the bomb in the bushes yesterday. they called police and the bomb squad from walnut creek was brought in. >> it looked like it had been lit but didn't go off. it didn't detonate. >> we can only hope that there aren't more. we can only hope that it's not going to be a rash of them. >> this pipe bomb was found just three days after five teenagers were arrested for a mailbox bomb that was set off friday night. they are also accused of planting a bomb at a pleasant hill high school and another bomb was found in their car. the woman who murdered nursing student michelle le will spend at least the next 25 years in prison. giselle esteban was sentenced yesterday to 25 years to life. the judge called her a cold- blooded killer for the death of le last year. esteban said nothing know court and showed no emotion. >> had maybe she will never feel remorse. i can't say that. but if she did, at least that would show she somewhat of an
6:35 am
uncling of a mike. >> esteban thought michelle le was had involved with her ex- boyfriend and father of one of her children. another port of oakland executive is on the way out. maritime director james kwon is quitting later this month. but he will stay on as an advisor until his had replacement is hired. an audit showed he used credit cards for strip clubs on two occasions. the port's executive director omar benjamin retired after the audit became public. 6:36. let's check weather with meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> let's do that. we have a little rain and some snow. >> maybe a little snow across the mountains. it's starting out quiet and chilly. out the door we are seeing a little fog in some of the north bay valleys so watch out for that. visibilities down to a quarter mile in the santa rosa area. fog will break up. sunshine and clouds move in later on. out over the bay looking like a
6:36 am
beautiful start to the day outside. but we're likely to see clouds fill the skies later on. 39 degrees and chilly in concord. 38 in santa rosa with the fog. 45 in san jose. and 47 degrees in san francisco. in the afternoon temperatures in the 60s in the south bay cooler than yesterday. east bay numbers in the 50s and a few 60s. in the central bay 50s and low 60s. north bay increasing clouds, chance of rain in the evening and overnight, expecting more rain and, yes, maybe even some snow in the mountains. back to you guys. >> thank you. fans in the bay area are mourning the death of mexican- american singer jenni rivera. rivera was killed in a weekend plane crash in northern mexico. the 43-year-old southern california native was at the peak of her career, a grandmother and a single mother of five children.
6:37 am
>> she is an example for me because i'm a single mother, too. and she tried very hard to help her kids. >> sad day four? >> very sad. very sad. >> u.s. officials will investigate the crash that killed her and 6 others. there will be a preliminary report within 10 days. a man was hit and killed by a truck in san francisco yesterday. it happened around 2:30 at market and bill streets. police say the truck driver is cooperating with investigators, who are still trying to determine exactly what happened. it comes as san francisco kicks off a traffic safety campaign this holiday season. it's called "what's the rush?" it encourages people to be more aware of their surroundings. the burlingame school district will meet tonight to consider a plan to reopen hoover elementary school. the school has been closed since the early 1980s. neighborhood residents are concerned that opening the
6:38 am
school will have a major impact on traffic bringing 250 cars to the area twice a day. monterey bay residents want to know what drove thousands of squid to beach themselves. thousands washed up yesterday along a 12-mile stretch of shoreline from aptos to watsonville. some people put them back in the water but they swam back to shore. a graduate student observing the bizarre phenomenon said the squids probably didn't mo where they were. >> they don't see the shore very often so maybe they don't understand what's going on around them and they are just trying to get away and don't realize if they swim towards the shore, they are going to run out of water eventually. >> researchers think the juvenile squid may have eaten toxic algae. it may have caused them to become disoriented and swim to the beach. el nino weather patterns may have played a part drawing the squid to the cooler waters in northern california. negotiations to end the
6:39 am
crabber strike had get going again this afternoon. it's been 6 days since the boats went out and dungeness crab is hard to find in stores and restaurants. the crabbers are upset about the wholesaler attempts to lower prices. also, oregon is delaying the open of its crab season until december 30th, and that should give bay area crabbers a little more leverage. 6:39. cnet releasing its top 100 list. we'll show you some of the hottest gadgets of the year just in time for the holidays. >> and weird lights in the bay area skies. the faa what's in on the most likely explanation. -- weighs in on the most likely explanation. >> the market just old. let's check the early numbers. here's a peek and so far, we are out of the gate in a very good way. we're going to check in with ashley morrison and much more when we come back on the business front. ,,,,,,,,
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this video a triangle of ste lights in the skies over san francisco's mission distric. people whipped out their phs believe it call it a close encounter of the bay area kind. strange lights in the skies over san francisco's mission district. people just whipped out their phones to capture them and some believe it's a ufo while others are not so convinced. >> i'm sure this was a ufo. >> you had christmas cheer? >> certainly. tequila was an influence. >> definitely not an alien starship of some sort? >> that wouldn't be my first guess, no. the lights scientists say were most likely just floating balloons carrying lights. frank, i know you're convinced. >> i don't believe it's a ufo. this morning cnet debuts its cnet 100 the annual list of
6:44 am
the most important stories, trends and products of the year. here to show us five gadgets that made the cut, donald bell from cnet. good to have you. >> thanks for having me. >> you have three phones, two tablets and out of the gate we'll have what? >> we are looking back at the year and found of all the gadgets that we handled over the year. these were the most important. one of them is the motorola droid razr max, it sometimes doubled to tripled the a battery life. so if you wanted to go to two days without charging your phone, maybe even 2.5, this has the battery life to take you through more than one day's worth of phones. >> the iphone, that's the downfall for that because they run out quickly. >> they do. the push is to the point where you should make a phone more slim. now you can double the battery
6:45 am
life. hopefully it's a trend in more smartphones nexter. >> longer battery life. >> that phone is a big hit? >> right now. there's a brand-new version of this called the droid razr max hd. >> the longest name. and the ipa mini. >> this is the one we were waiting for in 2012. this is the smaller less expensive ipad. some people would argue not as inexpensive as they would like. still at $329. this is a new product debut. this is a new product in a medium package. >> i have one and love it. i have a big handled. if you hold it for a while your hand gets tired. >> apple did still keep that
6:46 am
aspect ratio of a squared-off screen size. nexus 7 is more like a kindle fire. it's $199 for the base model. this is a higher rated tablet because of the price difference and android caught up on the media the google store for buying apps, music, movies, books. >> $199 is a price point people can afford. >> iphone number 4. >> iphone 5 being the iphone that came out this year that was really an improvement to the iphone 5 that you have been waiting for, for a long time of the last year we had the 4s with people disappointed. it looked identical to the iphone 4 from the previous year. this we got a larger screen and features. >> it's awesome. i had a 4 and went to that and i can't get enough of it. >> great phone. it still shocks me how light it
6:47 am
is. >> two words on the last phone here? >> samsung galaxy s3 our highest rated android smartphone and finally android smartphone that caught up with apple. >> thank you, don. five goodies to think about. you can find the entire 100 list on it's posted on under "links & numbers." thank you, donald. and michelle, we'll toss it back to you. >> thank you. errors in apple's mapping application are leading australian drivers into life- threatening situation. drivers going to a city have been led instead to a remote state park with extremely high temperatures and no phone reception. at least four people had needed to be rescued. apple says it has updated its new maps after police put out a warning. the new session is under way o wall street. the dow is up 58 points.
6:48 am
ashley morrison of is in for jason brooks this morning with your money update. >> reporter: asian markets were cautious hide of a federal reserve announcement this week. the tokyo's nikkei shed a fraction while hong kong's hang seng was unchanged. a strong sales report for mcdonald's offset wall street's worries about the "fiscal cliff" negotiations. the dow added 15 points while the nasdaq gained 9. with just three weeks left before higher taxes and deep cuts kick in negotiations are under way but it's not known what if any progress is being made. speak in michigan yesterday the president said he is willing to compromise a little. republicans have adamantly opposed raising taxes but now some are considering it if democrats will agree to social security and medicare changes. this week, the federal reserve is expected to announce a new bond buying program aimed at lower interest rates. if it works it might soften the blow if the nation does go over the "fiscal cliff" but fed chair ben bernanke says if a budget deal isn't reached, there is little the central bank can do to offset the shock
6:49 am
of those spending increases and tax cuts. and holiday shopping is leading to more work. leading jobs placement firm says retailers added more than 465,000 seasonal workers last month. that's up 21% from a year ago. that's your moneywatch. for more, stay with in new york, i'm ashley morrison. time now for a quick look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us from new york. >> good morning. great to see you. we're talking about drug smugglers today. they are getting bolder, moving up the california coast. so we are going on the ocean with the coast guard and their ships to try to stop them. also, we tip off the college basketball season, celebrating 75 years of march madness. never too early to talk about march madness. jim nance has called more final four games than anyone. we'll look back at the players, teams and march madness moments
6:50 am
and jim nance will announcing the super bowl that's right here on cbs. so lots to talk about when we see you at 7:00. >> we are hoping your 9ers might be part of that super bowl in new orleans. so let's see where it all goes. thank you, norah. and remember, "cbs this morning" of course starts at 7:00. >> 6:50 right now. >> that's time for weather and mr. lawrence karnow is going to tell us about a big change. >> we could see some snow on our mountains the next couple of days. wouldn't that be something? it's about that time of the year when storms roll n there's going to be cold storms but before that we have a high tide. the highest tides the next couple of days and very, very low tides in the afternoons so watch out for that. good news no flooding expected. quiet start to the day. fog in the valleys and east bay dense tule fog early on. beautiful day over the bay. temperatures on the chilly side
6:51 am
39 degrees in concord, 45 in san jose and 47 in san francisco. high pressure weakening and the storm system now dropping out of the gulf of alaska. this is a cold storm that's going to move in so not a lot of rain with it. half to three-quarters inch, that's it. chilly in spots. denver 40 degrees sunny. 36 chicago. 50 degrees in new york. all right. let's see if we can time the storm out. maybe low clouds and fog along the coastline a little later on today. and then the clouds beginning to sag into the bay area. it won't be long. then overnight we are expecting rain to develop toward tomorrow morning and cold enough behind it front that we may pick up a couple of snowflakes across the higher peaks. temperatures expected to be in the 50s and 60s. dry for the better part of the day. rain comes in overnight tonight and could see some showers into tomorrow morning. dry on thursday, maybe some more showers on friday. another storm could make things wet as we head in toward sunday.
6:52 am
that's a look at weather. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you. we have an update on this major injury accident we have been following in daly city. everything is now back open. this is video from the scene a short time ago. a lot of emergency crews and police were on scene trying to pull up that car this ran off the road around 4:30 this morning on a stretch of highway 35 skyline boulevard right there by john daly. so for a while the southbound lanes were blocked. took a while and 400 feet of cable to get that car out of the ditch off the cliff and back out of the scene. so all lanes are now back open. both directions of northbound and southbound highway 35 but unfortunately someone is in the hospital. critically injured. chp issued a dense fog advisory for portions of eastern contra costa county. stretches of highway 4 the benicia bridge, they mentioned extra foggy conditions. so just a heads up if you are traveling this morning.
6:53 am
we have a camera on the carquinez bridge and it looks not too bad. 80 flows okay from crockett to pinole. usual brake lights towards berkeley. elsewhere westbound 580, 22 minutes the drive time through the altamont pass and livermore so again just your usual stop and go conditions towards the dublin interchange. coming up, a check of the bay bridge. meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. we are showing some of the best bay area holiday displays. candy cane, and lots of ligs and holiday cheer. unfortunately they had a few things stolen including a by jesus a few years ago, but y decided to continue this ye. >> a lot of holiday cheer. >> they did have a few things stolen including a baby jesus. just a couple of years ago. but they decided to give it another go this year and it looks great.
6:54 am
>> yeah. so we're glad he decided to go around again. share your photos with us at, post them to our facebook page or tweet them. we want to show them off to everyone in the bay area. 6:54 now. coming up, we'll have a final check of your top stories. >> including a possible arson attack. what investigators are saying about a hayward apartment fire. went over a cliff in daly cy this m ,,,,
6:55 am
at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those
6:56 am
6:57 am
the car fell about 400 feett before 4:30 a.m... off highy 35 near olympic way. crews were able to syria welcome back. a car. welcome back. a car with two people inside went over a cliff in daly city around 4:30 this morning off highway 35 near olympic way. crews were able to rescue one person who is now hospitalized. a second person was able to get
6:58 am
out of the car on hi own. the highway is clear. arson investigators in hayward this morning, where an apartment fire started about 4 a.m. a mother and her son did escape. one victim says someone threw something through a window of a neighbor's apartment setting the complex on fire. okay. and let's get a look at the weather now with lawrence. one last check of the weather. >> yes. looking good so far. kind of a quiet start. chilly out there now. but we have some changes in the works. storm clouds likely to move in. even a couple of patches of dense valley fog showing up inland and we are starting to see fog at the coastline. temperatures mainly into the 30s and 40s. by the afternoon, the clouds will be gathering outside. plan on highs only in the 50s and 60s, rain returning tonight, elizabeth. >> all right. we are getting ready for tomorrow's commute. in the meantime over at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's just the usual, backed up to the maze about a 20-minute wait to get on the span. and lawrence mentioned it, the fog, yes, moving in over parts
6:59 am
of eastern contra costa county as chp noted it. they said there are dense fog advisories for the roads including the benicia bridge. visibility is down to 2 to 3 feet. so be extra careful. >> the ush. >> does it smell like pine apple? >> i have canned pineapple. >> bye, enjoy your day. captions by: caption colorado good morning. to our viewers in the west, it is tuesday, december 11th, 2012. welcome to "cbs this morning." the battle of the capitol budget, thousands set to protest a right to work law while in washington the fiscal cliff stalemate remains. a

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